Spotted: K on Business Trips

Hello Friends and Family,

The breathtaking Mediterranean Sea.

The breathtaking Mediterranean Sea.

It has been a busy couple of weeks out here in France. We have been on the road traveling all over for our matches. First, on the 14th we traveled down to the South of France to play a team called Venelles. After that, we hit the road on the 18th to play our first match of the French Cup versus Everaux, located right outside of Paris. From Evreaux we continued our road trip over to Terville which is located near the German border. On Sunday we had a long road trip back to Vannes. One viewing of The Help, a little reading, and a Taylor Swift CD later we were home. There were many beautiful sights and funny stories along the way.

The names on the coke bottles at the gas station cracked me up. Won't find those names in America!

The names on the coke bottles at the gas station cracked me up. Won’t find those names in America!

First things first, I am excited to announce that I have a French SIM card! Cue the singing angels. I find myself snapchatting in random places just because I can. I can check Instagram whenever I so please. I am no longer locked up to the ole ball and chain that is WIFI connection. After two months with no phone service outside of my apartment this was a very welcomed arrival, especially with our long road trips. I feel like I’ve rejoined the first world. I will never take my data plan for granted ever again.

November Travel 161

We made a new friend at the cathedral in Evreaux.

I’m pleased to report that I’ve started picking up on more of the French language. A new saying I’ve learned is ‘tout de suite’ pronounced ‘toot sweet’ and means ‘right away’. It makes me giggle every time I hear it, and it also makes me hungry. Anyways, I try to talk with the locals in French if I can, but I also get a kick out of when the locals try to talk to me in English, or what they think is English. Last week, I was walking down the hallway of the hotel, and there was a couple struggling to get their luggage down to their room. All of the sudden the wife saw me and started gawking, and I’m assuming told her husband to look at how tall I am. They both dropped their bags right by the door to a hallway so they could stare. You would have thought they were looking up at the Empire State Building the way they were craning their necks with their eyes so wide. Now the wife, husband, their bags, and I were all standing by this door just staring at each other. I love when things like this happen. I decided to move this along, and reached over them to hold the door open with my arm reached across the hallway. They ended up having to walk under my arm as if we were playing a fun game of Limbo. This made the wife roar with laughter. Don’t worry, they didn’t have to duck. While the wife went giggling down the hallway the husband tried thanking me. I guess I look like I also speak Spanish because he just kept saying “Thank You! Gracias! Thank You! Gracias! Gracias!” I went from being highly annoyed to having to laugh. That was an experience.

November Travel 122

The waves of the Mediterranean Sea crashing onto the rocks.

While on the road I’ve been able to see some pretty cool sights. When we were in the South of France we went out and saw the Mediterranean Sea. On the water’s edge there were massive rocks that we climbed over to get a better vantage point of the Sea. It was so beautiful how the sun was reflecting off the water and the waves were crashing into the rocks. We stood there for a while just to take it all in. It’s times like these were I take a moment and realize how lucky I am. I am very thankful for the opportunities that this journey has afforded me, and the great people I have gotten to meet.

Cathedral in Evreaux

Cathedral in Evreaux

Like I said, it was massive!

Like I said, it was massive!

The next week in the city of Evreaux, there was a massive cathedral. It was incredible how intricate the architecture was. I was completely in awe at imagining how they even built this church back in the day. They didn’t have the same technology or materials that we do now. It had to take a talented and creative mind to design and build such a grand structure. It was amazing. Also, next to the cathedral there was a little art and architecture museum about the cathedral. Side note: the museum was not built with me in mind. Clearly, back in the day, even though they could build this grand cathedral, they couldn’t foresee the likes of someone taller than 5’11’’ coming to visit. As I strolled through the museum trying to snapchat a picture (see: paragraph about SIM card), I slammed my head right into the door frame. This caused great concern for one of the museum workers who must have asked me eight times if I was okay (ca va?) with a very concerned look on her face. Funny thing about this is the proper way to answer that ‘I’m fine’ is by also saying “ca va”. So the lady and I were just going back and forth saying “ca va” to each other until she was finally convinced I’d be alright. Don’t worry, everyone, I’m okay.

Looking into the gardens outside of the cathedral in Evreaux.

Looking into the gardens outside of the cathedral in Evreaux.

It has ended up being a successful few weeks. After a rough start to league play, losing our first three matches, I’m happy to report that we have won our past three matches. As they say, success isn’t final, and failure isn’t fatal. Just gotta keep getting back up and playing again the next day.
I want to leave you all with a quote that the great Jim Freeman sent me this week… “Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don’t, then you are wasting your time on Earth.” – Roberto Clemente. May we all make a difference for someone this week, and be thankful over this Thanksgiving holiday.
Happy Thanksgiving!
XOXO –k.slay


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