Spotted: K on a Road Trip to Munich!

Hello Friends and Family,

Quite possibly my favorite picture of the weekend. From the top of St. Peter's Church.

Quite possibly my favorite picture of the weekend. From the top of St. Peter’s Church.

Wow! What a weekend I just had in Munich! It was a blast, and I am so grateful for a fun weekend that reminded me just how lucky I am to be living out this amazing experience. I have to pinch myself at the fact that Gina, Whitney and I just casually took a road trip to Munich. We are definitely very lucky girls.

Munich, Germany

Das Original Hofbrauhaus Munich, Germany

To start off, we had all of the necessary road trip essentials: popcorn, Trolli Peach Rings, Sweet Chili Chips, and downloaded podcasts. First of all, can you say cheat day? Second of all, YES, I said podcasts! Gina was telling us about the podcast series from This American Life called “Serial”. Whitney and I had never listened to it and decided to give it a shot, and man did we get hooked! Podcast series are the new Netflix of road trips. Every time we finished an episode we were so excited we didn’t have to wait until next week to hear the new one! Fellow Netflix bingers, like myself, will understand the true satisfaction of this. Anyways, the podcast is about a guy who was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend during their senior year of high school in 1999. However, even after 15 years in jail he maintains his innocence. The podcast dives in to what happened on that fateful day, different facts, different witnesses, and theories on what may have occurred. We were getting so into the series we’d be yelling back at the speakers about inconsistencies in the witness’ stories that upset us and we’d keep having to pause to debrief on our own theories. Needless to say, we were all-in, and I still don’t know if I think he did it or not. Listen to it on your next road trip, and get back to me about what you think.

Casually strolled upon this beauty.

Casually strolled upon this beauty.

10:30 AM in Munich. We're looking for breakfast, the locals are drinking their morning beers.

10:30 AM in Munich. We’re looking for breakfast, the locals are drinking their morning beers.

Now for the actual sightseeing in Munich…it was truly amazing! From our hotel we took the underground train into the main city center, Marienplatz. When we came up on the escalator we were totally overwhelmed by the beauty of the buildings and all the hustle and bustle around us. It was a cool feeling to be a part of it all. On Saturday morning we went in to the Viktualienmarkt to look around and enjoy some coffee and breakfast. Ever since last season in France, when Korrin got me to start tasting her coffees, I have started to develop a small liking for it. I have to admit that I tried the Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte for the first time this weekend, and just like the rest of America I am hooked. Basic, I know.

Looking over the Marienplatz in Munich from the top of St. Peter's Church.

Looking over the Marienplatz in Munich from the top of St. Peter’s Church.

After breakfast, we ventured over to St. Peter’s Church that is right next to the main square in town. We heard about the breathtaking views from the top of the church and decided that it was something we couldn’t miss. So even on our off day, we climbed the 300 steps to the top. #AlwaysTraining The light sweat that came from the climb was more than worth it. I was overcome by the magnificent views. We were looking over all of Munich and at that moment I felt so grateful for this experience. I feel so lucky to be able to travel while I am young and have these unreal experiences all thanks to volleyball. This was one of the main highlights of the trip for me and something I’ll never forget.

Views from St. Peter's.

Views from St. Peter’s Chruch. 

Lunch spot in the Garden.

Lunch spot in the Garden.

The oldest Queen's Crown in Europe. Cue: "I want that."

The oldest Queen’s Crown in Europe. Cue: “I want that.”

Pretty Neat

Pretty Neat

It’s funny how we would walk around the city of Munich thinking we’ve seen all the highlights and then all of the sudden you turn a corner and there is so much more to explore. This happened several times, but one of the coolest places we stumbled upon was the Munich Residenz. This was the former royal palace for the Bavarian monarchs of the House of Wittelsbach. This was obviously something we couldn’t pass up touring, and I’m glad we didn’t. The treasury held several royal crowns including the oldest Queen’s crown in Europe. The jewels were absolutely stunning and every room just kept more opulent. It is amazing how intricate each room is and there is so much attention to detail. It was funny because one of the grand rooms we entered we were so sure had to be an extravagant ballroom where lots of parties went down. However, once we listened to our tour guide headsets we realized that, no, this is actually just were antiques were held. Naturally.

Inside the Munich Residenz.

Inside the Munich Residenz.

Nope, not a ballroom. Just holds antiques. This is how we store antiques at my house, too.

Nope, not a ballroom. Just holds antiques. This is how we store antiques at my house, too.

Two hands!!

Two hands!!

One of the most fun adventures of this trip was going to the Hofbräuhaus. This is the original beer hall in Munich, and one of the oldest in Germany, and it did not disappoint. When we walked in tables all around us were filled with people eating delicious meals and drinking beer from glasses bigger than their faces. Literally, the mugs were bigger than my head. There were some people dressed in traditional lederhosen and some men had the most epic moustaches that curled up at the ends. As we walked around trying to find a seat a guy about our age came up to us and said ‘you just sit down anywhere’. It just so happened that this guy and his friend are in the American military and stationed here in Germany. They were sitting with an older couple from America who was just getting ready to leave so we sat down with them. We ended up meeting two more guys from Texas who were traveling for business, and they joined our table as well.  It ended up being some of the most fun I’ve had. We ordered large mugs of beer because, why not? We had to use two hands to pick them up! It was amazing how the waiters would walk around holding at least FIVE in each hand at once! That is true strength. Every so often the band would play traditional songs and everyone in the beer hall would proceed to raise their mugs (mine with two hands) and wave them around in the air. At the end of the song there was always a big cheers or “prost” and everyone would drink up. I felt like I was in a movie. I love this about traveling. You never know the people you’ll meet, and it’s so fun how the most random amazing experiences can turn into memories that last a lifetime.

His mustache curls up! #teamstripes

Lederhosen! #teamstripes

I joined the band!

I joined the band!

Sights in the English Garden.

Sights in the English Garden.

Before heading back to Dresden on Sunday, we stopped by the English Garden that is just next to the main city area. Green leaves and trees starting to get some fall color gave shade to ponds filled with ducks swimming around. People were out jogging, biking, and going for strolls through the park. We enjoyed the peacefulness of the area, and we were once again impressed by finding something new when we thought we had seen it all. We had the most amazing trip and I am feeling so happy about all of our new fun experiences and stories we have to tell. Gina, Whitney and I all agreed that (even though this sounds like a line from The Bachelor) we started falling in love with Germany on this trip!

I hope everyone is having a fun and fulfilling week!



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